Why Is Gamstop linked to UK Licensed Casinos?

If you are familiar with Gamstop, you will have noticed that more often than not, the problem gambling platform tends to appear at UK licensed casinos. You might be wondering why this is? Fortunately, it is not difficult to understand. Throughout this article, we will take a look at why Gamstop is most commonly associated with UK online casinos, explain to you what it does, and if there is any need for it.

What is Gamstop, and What Does It Do?

If you aren’t familiar with Gamstop, you may be wondering what it is. Gamstop is a problem gambling platform and one which is commonly found at UK casino sites. Its purpose is to block access to online casinos for gamblers who are experiencing the effects of gambling addiction. Gamstop requires users to sign up to it. Once they are, those players will be banned from their own casino and any other casinos which are a part of Gamstop for a predetermined period of time.

Why is Gamstop Found at UK Casino Sites?

Gamstop is commonly found at UK casino sites. The main reason for this is that the UK Gambling Commission has deemed it mandatory for online casinos bearing their license to be affiliated with it. The UKGC continually tries to promote responsible gaming, and want to avoid any gambling-related problems, such as debt, theft, violence and worse, suicide. Gamstop allows players the opportunity to seek a way out. The UK Gambling Commission has demanded that all online gambling operators who wish to obtain a license to cater to UK players, must be a part of the program and offer its services.

Gamstop Casinos Can Lose Your License

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission takes its commitment to Gamstop seriously, and it expects that casinos operating under its licenses do the same. The UKGC has been known to respond rapidly and act somewhat ruthlessly towards any casino who breaches the terms of their license. It wasn’t that long ago that the UKGC revoked the license of two online casinos for failing to maintain their relationship with Gamstop. There are many pieces of regulation which a casino must adhere to, to maintain its license and being a part of Gamstop is one of those.

Does Gamstop Appear at International Casinos?

Gamstop does not tend to appear at online casinos outside of the United Kingdom. It is possible that international casinos which have multiple licenses (including from the UKGC) may be a part of Gamstop, and thus offer Gamstop services to players based outside of the UK, the charitable organisation does primarily deal with UK players. This is the main reason that Gamstop is most commonly associated with casinos accepting British players, and those licensed out of the UK.

There are, however, plenty of rival services out there which perform similar functions or offer identical features. If you happen to be based outside of the UK, any of these will work well for you.

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