When Is the Right Time to Use Gamstop?

As you are probably aware, Gamstop is a popular service which is regularly available at online betting sites. It is predominantly used to self-exclude yourself from not just one casino, but all casinos which are part of the Gamstop program. These cool-down periods can prevent you from getting into serious trouble when gambling. When is the right to use Gamstop, though? In this short article, we will take a look and try to help you find the perfect time (if any) to use such a service.

When You Chase Losses

Of course, the biggest giveaway that you may be experiencing gambling trouble is when you start chasing losses. If you don’t know what this means; it means that you continually deposit more and more money, in a bid to try and win back what you have lost. If this sounds like you, then you may very well wish to get yourself signed up to Gamstop.

When You Alter Your Deposit Limits

Another sign that Gamstop might be for you is if you find yourself adjusting your deposit limits. Many casinos allow players to set deposit limits, in a bid to promote responsible gambling. However, if you keep asking to adjust your deposit limits, you may find yourself referred to Gamstop. To be fair, many top UK casinos now stop you from doing this.

When You’re Advised To

There are times when you may find yourself cut off. While a casino seldom directly stops you from betting by blocking your account, they may recommend that you sign up to Gamstop, or refer you to the problem gaming platform. While this intervention can ultimately do you a world of good, it might also see you banned from many sites that you aren’t a member of. Other casinos on Gamstop could choose to make a note of your name if you are referred to Gamstop, rather than seek Gamstop’s assistance independently.

When You Check Your History and Don’t Like What You See

It is easy to think that you are not spending that much when betting online. However, if you check your deposit/wager history (which is easy to do at many modern casinos), you might be surprised to see how much you’ve spent, compared to how much you’ve won. If you don’t like what you see, this could also be an excellent reason to head to Gamstop’s website.

UK Betting Sites and Gamstop

Gamstop has a relationship with UK betting sites, bingo sites, poker rooms, sportsbooks and casinos. The UK Gambling Commission has essentially made it mandatory for any casinos with their licenses to offer this service. There is no shame in signing yourself up to Gamstop if you need help, but it is crucial that you seek assistance before you have too big of a problem. Identifying when is the right time to seek help will save you trouble in the long run, because if you get referred to Gamstop by a casino, there may be no way back to gambling online later down the line.

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