Responsible Gambling Features Which Can See You Avoid Gamstop

You will probably be aware that Gamstop can be quite a useful resource for blocking or banning yourself from online gambling sites. There are flaws to the program, though. For instance, while Gamstop is incredibly efficient at preventing you from playing at casinos, it is only beneficial after you think you have developing problems. What you ideally want is something to protect you before you develop gambling issues at all.

Did you know that there are other options out there? Many casinos now incorporate responsible gambling features into their design, and if used, they can see you avoid getting into hot water when betting. In this brief article, we will explore some of the perks of these alternative responsible gambling tools.

Setting Deposit Limits

Most online casinos now permit you to set deposit limits from the very moment that you sign up. Once set, you are not going to find it easy to adjust your deposit limits. In many cases, they can be placed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Once you have reached your deposit limit, you will not be able to deposit any more until that time period has passed. This can see you avoid wagering more than you can afford.

Wagering Caps Can Be Useful

Wagering caps are another tool you can deploy. These work in much the same way. While you may still be able to deposit whatever you like, you won’t be allowed to wager it all. This stops players chasing losses, but still allows them to gamble those funds at a later time. Once you have set a wagering cap and reached it, you will not be able to bet until a predetermined time period has elapsed.

Putting Limits on Time Spent Betting

Another tool you may wish to consider is time-limited betting. Casinos offering responsible gaming features may allow you to set a timer on your gambling activity. These ensure that you do not play too long, thus enabling you to keep tabs on your sessions and help alleviate the risk that you will become addicted to gambling.

Self-Exclusion and Cool-Down Period

The final option you can now find at many top casinos is a self-exclusion or cool-down period. This works in much the same way as Gamstop, in that you are not going to be able to bet for a predetermined period of time. Unlike Gamstop, though, this self-exclusion or cool-down period will only be in effect at the casino you are signed up to. You are still able to bet at other sites. However, as few players have more than one account, it is handy and efficient in most cases. Moreover, the rules of self-exclusion at a casino tend to be less strict, so there is little chance the casino will continue to block you once the cool-down period has been completed.

All of the above can now readily be found at top casinos. Moreover, all play a much more significant role in stopping you from developing problems in the first place than Gamstop does.