Busy times for Team Aeron


With many cryptocurrencies still suffering the effects of the bear market it is always great to see companies pushing on regardless. One of the companies flying high at the moment is Aeron with it’s native cryptocurrency token ARN. These are in fact, busy times for Team Aeron who are responsible for the decentralized aviation record system which aims to improve aviation safety and security.

Busy times for Team Aeron

On January 28th, Aeron announced 4 new major cryptocurrency exchanges listing ARN for purchase and trading:

This month was great with a significant boost in exchange listings of Aeron. Four major exchanges listed the token, including the leading Korean exchange Bithumb (Top3 globally by trading volume reported at CoinMarketCap). The new listings offer additional liquidity to Aeron (ARN) token holders and expand the global recognition of Aeron.

The following trading pairs are now available:





At that, Aeron (ARN) ERC20 token is trading at over 20 exchanges with truly global coverage. Complete list can be seen Here

Please follow the official Twitter channel to receive timely project updates, listing and other announcements as posted Here

We are further pleased to announce the upcoming beta launch of CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) sub-project web platform. It will be opened for customer sign-ups in the coming week.

We will inform Aeron community of the ongoing developments.

With Kind Regards,

Aeron Team 28/01/2018


On the 29th January, 1 day after the above announcement, ARN was listed as one of 7 tokens to be delisted from the Kucoin exchange. Given the timing of this announcement by Kucoin, and the questions this raised on the Aeron twitter feed, we contacted to Aeron to seek their statement on this:


Dear Sir or madam,

As we only report official sources, we are keen to ask you if you
would like to make an official statement through our website
concerning this

Team Aeron:

 Dear Sirs,

Thank you for reaching out.

On this particular occasion and announcement by KuCoin, our position is the

Please note that we observe close to zero trading volume in ARN at KuCoin,
over the past months. Therefore we find no interest from the community and
no incentive to maintain the exchange listing which nobody uses. Please
refer to active platforms at coin market cap 

With Kind Regards,
Aeron Team


The busy times for Team Aeron continue as today sees another milestone in their very well laid out and strictly followed roadmap. the Aeron Salesforce integration.


We would like to thank Team Aeron for taking the time to answer our inquiry and thereby providing their customers with clarification.


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